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We integrate technologies that aim to improve your life at home. Our goal is to make it as easy to use as possible (a home should not need a user manual), while at the same time using reliable and long-lasting equipment, provided at the best possible price.



lighting control, motorized shades, blind or shutters control.

Climate control

central regulation or multiple zones management, monitoring of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Energy savings

measurement of electrical or fluid consumptions, automatic lighting control, automatic shades control in conjunction with climate controls.


security system, audio-video door entry system, motorized locks and access control, video surveillance.


swimming pools (monitoring and automation of water treatment and filtration, pool cover, heating), control of ponds or fountains, centralized and automated plants watering, water consumptions monitoring (pets, watering…)


multi-room audio systems, home theatre, whole house video content distribution


local area network deployment, extended Wi-Fi coverage, cyber-security for the home automation installation

We are specialized in designing smart homes were all these systems are integrated. You can control them through in-wall switches, tablets, by voice command, or when away from home through your smartphone.

Our intervention

Whether your house is one the drawing board or are planning a remodel, Via Aurelia Solutions can work with you right from the beginning to study your needs and define the best solutions taking into account your needs and constraints, in close cooperation with your architect. Once the project has been properly planned, during the construction, we will be at your side to guide and follow the work of building contractors and take care of the final configuration and programming of equipment. Finally, once the construction is complete, we will be able to walk you through the systems. After you have moved in, we will remain available to answer your questions and/or adapt the system to functions you might discover you need.

Even if you need are more limited that a full house remodel, we can help you find the right solution for a specific need, such as a reliable long range Wi-Fi coverage for your estate, a multi-room audio system, some video surveillance cameras, you name it. If you already have a connected home but want to extend its functions, we can also rethink an existing programming.

We work preferably with manufacturers that provide equipment with a proven reliability track record, that are scalable and inter-operable. Our goal is to provide solutions that will not lock you in a specific ecosystem or vendor. Since we are not affiliated with any manufacturer, we are able to provide fully independent advices. Nevertheless, we are trained regularly to be able to offer the latest high-end products. For the core of the house control solution including lighting, blinds, shutters and climate, we usually rely on the vendor independent KNX standard, which is fully in line with this philosophy.



We want to offer you the possibility to develop a truly unique solution, adapted to your specific needs. If you have a very special request and no matching solution exists on the market, we will develop it from the hardware to the software.

Ease of use

Technology is at your service, not the other way around. You should not have to explain your guests how to use the house.


It is out of question that the failure of a single device or temporary loss of Internet connectivity leads to the impossibility of switching on the lights or locking the doors. In addition to using highly reliable equipment, our solutions are carefully thought out to our solutions are carefully thought out with a contingency plan in case of a material failure.


It is not always possible to think of all the capabilities we might want from the beginning or sometimes it is a budget issue. In addition, new needs spring from the continued occupation of the places and evolving lifestyle. Our solutions are meant to be scalable and interoperable, so that these evolutions requests do not lead to a complete redesign. In addition, this enables the replacement of a failed device that would no longer be manufactured many years after the entry of service of the installation by compatible equipment. This is another way to provide you with cost-savings in the long run.

Aesthetic quality

You may want to show off all the technology present in the house, or keep it under wraps. We have solutions in both cases.

Independent advising

We are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer. We can advise you about the most appropriate equipment adapted to your need, and avoid compromises by handpicking devices from various companies.


Our offices are located in the heart of Provence in the small town of Lambesc, in the vicinity of Aix-en-Provence. We work all around Aix, in the Luberon, the Alpilles and more generally all around South-East of France including Côte d'Azur. We may work even further if you need us for special projects.


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